seo malta
seo malta

SEO stands for "Search Engine optimization", but what does SEM stand for?
1. Search engine manipulation
2. Search engine marketing
3. Search engine management
What does PPC mean?
1. Private and personal computer
2. Pay Per click
3. Pre Paid click
The highest pagerank you can achieve is?
1. 3
2. 7
3. 10
Writing good content is:
1. One of the most important things in search engine optimization
2. the key to poor search engine rankings
3. it doesn’t make any difference unless you have invisible text.
Keyword selection is:
1. one of the most important steps in search engine optimization
2. important but can be tackled at a later
3. not worth the time and effort
Source code (meta tags, title tags, keyword tags etc.):
1. Not important
2. very important and should be optimized just like the rest of your site to make sense
3. Search engine spiders don't look at these.
Grammar, spelling, and the general design of your site:
1. Don’t matter
2. Are extremely important and can make or break your site
3. Not as important as keyword stuffing.That's the key to SEO
Site submission:
1. Should be done as often as possible. Twice a day, at least. More, if possible.
2. submit your site to at least a thousand search engines...wherever they might be
3. should be considered carefully, because most sites are indexed naturally by search engine spiders
Targeting your audience:
1. is waste of time
2. is important and include lot of extra work
3. why should I? My audience will find me.
The main purpose of search engine spiders is to:
1. Visit sites
2. Check if sites perform ethical SEO
3. Index sites
A good example of Black Hat Search Engine Optimization is:
1. Keyword stuffing, or ramming as many keywords as possible into your content and source code
2. Doorway pages: creating false pages that only search engine spiders will see
3. Invisible text: stuffing keywords all over the place by making it the same color as the background
4. all of the above