seo malta
seo malta

Links are an important component of a website where Search Engines are concerned.

This is due to a number of reasons, among which:

•    The presence of links makes it easier for search engines to find a particular page. This works as follows – search-bots travel around the World Wide Web following links. They index a page and then follow the links found on that page to other pages. In a continuous chain that involves indexing pages and following links onto other pages, it becomes clear that the more links a page contains, the more likely that page is to be caught up  and indexed by search engines and the faster will that indexing occur.
•    Search Engines place greater value on those pages to which several links exist. If your webpage has links directing towards it from sites that are themselves in turn linked to many other sites impresses search engines into assuming that your site must be a really important one.
•    Through links search engines garner information about the page they are pointing to. This happens because the link text most often contains keywords that can be used by search engines to gather as much information about your page as possible. The main theme of the website pointing towards yours may also give search engines valuable hints as to what your site might be all about.
•    Links have the added probability of leading new visitors to your website. You will find that a number of people will actually click on the links provided to be directed towards your site.

Links are a very important component of your website’s success. Sometimes they may also signify the difference between being indexed by search engines or not indexed at all; or between being highly ranked by search engines or hardly ranked at all.