seo malta
seo malta

One of the ways to get traffic directed to your website is through Links from other websites that point to yours. The more links that point to your website, the greater the chance of increasing your site visitors. The next important step is to make sure that these links contain the main keywords that are most relevant to your website.

We have talked a lot in previous newsletters about Search Engine searches and results listings. Your aim is to get Search Engines to direct traffic to your site by picking up on the keywords in the aforementioned links, thus connecting the keywords present to what your site is really about. Search Engines want to provide search results that are relevant to the original search so inserting clear link keywords is one way in which to help them pinpoint your website when relevant searches are made.

So, having said this, it is important to optimize the links to provide the utmost benefit from their use. Some tips to keep in mind to avoid having links that add no value to your website include:

* Search Engines cannot read images, so including them alone in your link will not help you increase traffic towards your website. You can however, make sure to add keywords and optimal link text that will greatly increase its Search Engine worthiness.

* Use keywords that are most likely to be utilized by your clients in their Internet Search Engine searches. If your company name, for example, is not a widely recognized brand name, chances are that it will not be used in a search by prospective clients and therefore will not add value to your link.

* Try to avoid using ‘click here’ links. Instead, construct useful links that include your main and most relevant keywords.