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seo malta

Simply said, a website’s Page rank refers to the measurement of the importance that that particular website has on the Internet. This importance is determined by the amount of links a website has pointing to it and by the quality of those links.

The Page rank was launched by Larry Page – the co-founder of Google Search Engine. However, this measurement does not determine the relevance of the page to a particular term. So, in other words, the importance of a website can be increased by raising it’s page rank. However, even though a site’s page rank might be very high, it will not be listed in search results if it is not relevant to the search phrase utilized.
The Page Rank, which is trademarked by Google, is calculated through the use of an algorithm applied to a website’s links. As can be correctly assumed, a website’s PageRank is still vital when conducting Search Engine Optimization procedures, even though its calculation tends to regularly change. Therefore, link building plays an essential role when angling for a higher website ranking. High quality links from main websites combined with a healthy variation of linked domains will contribute towards an increase in your ranking. There are a number of ways in which links can be achieved. Among these are:

  • Identify which domains are most solid and respected in your field and work on establishing a relationship and gaining such link.
  • Submit your website to directories in the categories most relevant to your site. In this way you could gain many links to different domains.
  • Utilise and optimise social media profiles that can garner other very useful links.
  • Set up a good quality, highly informative and regularly updated blog that will encourage people to establish links to it.

The page rank displayed on the toolbar of your web browser is different to the page rank utilized by Google to calculate results. The toolbar rank goes from 1-10, while the actual page rank might run into millions. The difference between the two values is not known, however, it is important to note that the toolbar page rank is not linear.