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Research carried out by the Pew Internet & American Life Project has indicated that social networking has experienced a significant rise among all age groups, particularly among teens and young adults. The research results show that in 2009 73% of online teens used social networking sites, while the adult percentage of users was 47%. Adults can be further split into the 18-29 age group of which 72% use social networking sites compared to 40% of adults of 30 years and older.

The research discovered that the social networking site most popular with adults is Facebook with a much lower percentage having a MySpace account, which is more popular with the younger adults. On the other hand older adults make more use of the professional networking site LinkedIn than younger adults.

Another status updating social networking site that is very popular with younger adults is Twitter even though the overall percentage usage rate among adults of Twitter or other status updating sites is of only 19%.


The popularity of blogging is experiencing a shift from younger adults to older adults. Blogging among adults as a whole has remained steady, however blogging preferences within specific age groups have undergone dramatic changes in recent years. Thus, a steep decrease in blogging by young adults has been balanced by an increase in blogging among older adults. Only 15% of 18-29-year old internet users blogged in 2009 – down from 24% in 2007. 11% of adults of 30 years and over maintained a personal blog in 2009 compared to 7% in 2007.

Other Interesting facts:

  • 74% of all adults 18 years and older go online. The percentage rises to 93% for both 12-to-17-year olds and 18-29-year olds.
  • 38% of adults aged 65 and older go online.
  • Wireless internet is used by 81% of 18-29-year olds.
  • Around half of 18-29 year olds access the internet wirelessly on a laptop, or mobile phone and nearly a quarter of them access the internet wirelessly on another device such as an e-book reader or gaming device.
  • 75% of teens, 93% of adults aged 18-29 and 58% of 12-year olds, own a mobile phone.
  • 8% of internet users aged 12-17 use Twitter.
  • 66% of teens regularly send or receive text messages.
  • 62% of online teens read news and political information online.
Time Spent on Social Networking Sites

In December 2008 internet users globally spent an average of three hours, three minutes and 54 seconds on social networking sites. This increased to five hours, 35 minutes and five seconds in December 2009.

In the United States Facebook consolidated its position as the most popular social networking site with a drastic increase in users. MySpace – the second most popular online social network in the US – experienced a drop in its unique visitors of 17%. Twitter, on the other hand, while still not as popular as Facebook and MySpace, experienced an increase in unique visitors in a year of 579%.