seo malta
seo malta

We have always stated that designing and creating a website is a very important step for your company, however, it is not enough to stop there. You need to adopt an internet marketing strategy that will make your website known to the online community and that will attract more people to it with the aim of increasing your online visitors, expanding sales and adding to your customer base.

If you are about to sit down to plan your online marketing strategy, go through the following list for pointers that will set you in the right direction.

1. If you still have not commissioned the design of your website start off with a web design and development strategy, then go on to working on an online promotional plan.

2. Search Engine Optimize your website with the specific aim of placing it at the top in major search engine search lists.

3. Acquaint yourself with email marketing and plan an effective campaign.

4. Dominate your market niche with affiliate, reseller and associate programmes.

5. Consult with an internet marketing coach or an internet marketing consultant to analyse you strategy and its outcome.

6. Build up a responsive opt-in email list.

7. Write articles, get them published and get them mentioned in news stories.

8. Write and publish online press releases regarding your website.

9. Run contests with prizes and giveaways through your website as this will also attract additional visitors towards it.

10. Create a blog that will allow you to interact with your visitors.