seo malta
seo malta

You decide to undergo Search Engine Optimisation with the express aim of improving your website’s search engine ranking with the consequent target of increasing visitors to the site that will translate into additional sales. Google Analytics gives you the tools with which you can then measure the success of your efforts and will demonstrate whether your SEO efforts are bearing the desired fruit or whether amendments should be implemented to improve results even further.

Google Analytics (GA) is a service that has been developed by Google as a free web-based application that generates detailed reports comprising statistics about the amount of visitors a website has received. Aimed directly for use by marketers, it is an easy-to-use-and-understand website and is currently used by approximately 57% of 10,000 of the most popular websites.

By registering your website through, GA presents you with visitor statistics that include the following: the amount of visitors your website has received over a period of time; the percentage increase or decrease in visitors in relation to the previous period; the referrers through which visitors have found your website – including search engines, advertising, pay-per-click networks, email marketing, among others.

Users of Google Analytics can track the success of their Internet Marketing campaign through GA. When integrated with AdWords (Google’s pay-per-click advertising service and site-targeted advertising for both text and banner ads), GA users can review online campaigns by tracking landing page quality and the achievement of the campaign goals, which might involve anything from sales, to lead generation, to specific page viewership, to the download of a particular file. Through GA marketers can pinpoint which ads are performing according to plan and which are not. This information is useful as it provides valuable information on whether to continue with a particular campaign, whether to amend it, or scrap it completely.

GA provides both basic and more in-depth reports that can be analysed to identify website pages that are performing poorly through such techniques as funnel visualization, visitor referrers, length of visitor time spent on the site, visitor geographical location. More advanced features include visitor segmentation.

GA users can add up to 50 site profiles with each profile generally corresponding to one website.