seo malta
seo malta

Online Marketing Services offers two principal SEO  reports – SEP Analytic Reports and SEO Performance Reports.  These reports will help you understand your site’s current search engine optimization levels or help you track performance for your website’s SEO campaign.

SEO Analytic Report
This report is normally prepared before embarking on an SEO campaign for your website. It includes a through analysis of your current website situation in terms of Search Engine readiness and friendliness. It will also take into account your online competition and come up with a complete list of changes & recommendations for the website’s improvement in terms of making it more Search Engine friendly. This report will also be used in the preparation of an online marketing campaign.

The report will cover  your site’s search engine readiness by analyzing the site for:

  • Html Errors
  • Bad Coding and design practices
  • Title, Keyword and Description tags
  • URL structure
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Back Linking

Based on the results of these analysis Online Marketing Services will suggest changes and improvements as required, in-order to improve the effectiveness of your online marketing campaign.

SEO Performance Report
The SEO Performance report is a report prepared at regular predetermined time intervals (normally on a monthly basis) as agreed with the client.  This kind of report is meant to offer regular monitoring reports on the website’s ongoing performance.

Areas covered by the Performance Report include:

  • Backlink report
  • Website Ranking
  • Traffic Statistics
    • Referrers
    • Landing Pages
    • Visitor profile
    • Visitor Geographic Location
    • Operating System and Browser Analysis
    • Search Strings
    • Directory listing and Submission report
    • Keyword Analysis Report
    • Search Engine analysis based on (Google, Yahoo! And Bling)

The SEO performance report will be illustrated with easy to understand illustrations and graphs. The graphs are very useful in plotting progress over time of an Online Marketing campaign. These reports also provide insights into how Search Engines are reacting to initiatives being taken as part of the ongoing online marketing efforts.

The website traffic analysis within this report provides a lot of information about the visitors who are accessing the site. Analyzed information  includes which sites or search engines are referring visitors, what keywords or search strings are being used and which are your web site’s landing and exit pages. This valuable information is in turn analyzed to fine tune your PayPerClick PPC paid search campaign.