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seo malta

Viral Marketing

This week we are widening our topic from Search Engine Optimisation to Internet Marketing by touching on the subject of viral marketing. As its name suggests this refers to marketing ploys that spread a company’s message in an exponential manner. An example of this could be the creation of an e-mailing campaign with a juicy incentive attached to it in the form of free giveaways, or other promotional enticements.

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How Do Google Analytics Fit into Search Engine Optimisation?

You decide to undergo Search Engine Optimisation with the express aim of improving your website’s search engine ranking with the consequent target of increasing visitors to the site that will translate into additional sales. Google Analytics gives you the tools with which you can then measure the success of your efforts and will demonstrate whether your SEO efforts are bearing the desired fruit or whether amendments should be implemented to improve results even further.

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Top Internet Marketing Strategies

We have always stated that designing and creating a website is a very important step for your company, however, it is not enough to stop there. You need to adopt an internet marketing strategy that will make your website known to the online community and that will attract more people to it with the aim of increasing your online visitors, expanding sales and adding to your customer base.

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Understanding Search Engine Spiders

Just the mention of spiders gives many people the creeps. But picturing them well in mind with their spindly outstretched legs, is a start in understanding the way search engines utilize virtual spiders to index website content that will allow them to rank and match page listings to visitor searches.

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Social networks on the rise

Research carried out by the Pew Internet & American Life Project has indicated that social networking has experienced a significant rise among all age groups, particularly among teens and young adults. The research results show that in 2009 73% of online teens used social networking sites, while the adult percentage of users was 47%. Adults can be further split into the 18-29 age group of which 72% use social networking sites compared to 40% of adults of 30 years and older.

Check your list before going live!

This phase could be defined as the testing phase. You have successfully planned, developed, designed and created your web presence and are in the final preparation stages for its launch on the world wide web. Your Internet presence is very important in this day and age and so it is essential that you verify that everything contained within your website is accurate, representative of your company, products and services and in proper working order.

Google Page Rank

Simply said, a website’s Page rank refers to the measurement of the importance that that particular website has on the Internet. This importance is determined by the amount of links a website has pointing to it and by the quality of those links.

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Inserting keywords into links

One of the ways to get traffic directed to your website is through Links from other websites that point to yours. The more links that point to your website, the greater the chance of increasing your site visitors. The next important step is to make sure that these links contain the main keywords that are most relevant to your website.

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How Important are Links to Search Engines?

Links are an important component of a website where Search Engines are concerned.

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Google Adwords Tips

Through our newsletters we have regularly given you ideas on how to achieve the most out of your website; to ensure that it gives you a return that is really worth your investment in it in the form both of time dedicated to it and money spent on it.

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