seo malta
seo malta

Google Adwords

Advertising your website on the Internet

Online marketing involves a number of online activities that are undertaken with the specific intention of directing additional traffic to a website to increase visitors, and consequently, product or services sales. Placing paid adverts on the Internet forms part of the online marketing package. As is the case with traditional advertising and printed matter, you will find yourself faced with an array of different online advertising possibilities.

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The Title Tag

The title tag is one of the essential components of a search engine optimized website as spot on tags help it achieve higher search engine rankings. Title tags are website page titles that may or may not be visible to end users but that carry a lot of weight in search engine ranking results. Search Engine Optimization practitioners place the importance of the title tag on a par with the website content and web page links.

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Design tips for effective websites

A website does not simply establish your presence on the Internet. It provides a medium through which you can communicate with your end users. It is your shop window in which you can display your products and services and through which you can provide viewers/clients/prospective clients with comprehensive information about whatever it is you would like to promote.

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Search engines – How do they work?

There are literally millions of pages full of information, images, files and other data on the World Wide Web. The problem that arose was that all that information was largely unavailable to the millions of Internet users who were not aware of a website’s precise address (url). Thus the search engine was developed with the express job of searching for information uploaded onto the World Wide Web.

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Keywords and search engine optimization

In our previous article we have touched upon the significance of Search Engine Optimization for the success of a website, since the majority of traffic that passes through it is brought in by search engines. We have, therefore, stressed the importance of the use and placement of targeted keywords in the website content, page titles and website meta descriptions.
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Mistakes to avoid

In our previous articles we have given you an outline regarding what Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about and have offered tips on planning a successful SEO and online marketing campaign. Our aim today is to provide you with useful pointers towards steps you should absolutely avoid to make your SEO effort as error-free and profitable as possible. SEO campaigns can be adjusted to make up for mistakes along the way, but still, each click costs money so you want to gain the highest value possible each time.
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Domain name tips

With the increasing awareness of the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for websites, domain names have gained even greater value and relevance towards the efficacy of a website on the Internet.
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Pay Per Click Internet Advertising

Once you have designed and uploaded your website you now want to attract as many visitors to it as possible. After all, showcasing your content and selling your products and services is your primary goal. Read more about Pay Per Click Internet Advertising »