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seo malta

Our Services

Keyword analysis

There is no point in optimizing your website if we have not defined what keywords describe best your services/products. We will discuss with you and take in consideration all aspects of your business main goals and then pick the best keywords that best define your company which will give you the most traffic. We will also take in consideration the keywords used by your competitors.

Directory submissions

One of the most popular ways to build link popularity is by submitting your website to directories. In this way your website will be linked to directories that offer a one way text link to your site. We can submit your website to hundreds of directories depending on your needs and we will provide a report of all the sites we have submitted to.

Search-Engine submissions

Manual submission to the major internet Search-Engines, alerting them to spider for new website content.

Website Optimization

By reviewing your website Online Marketing Services will find the spots that need to be optimized and recommend you the best way to optimize you site in order to be well indexed by search-engines. At this stage we will then balance the actual work to be done to keep it in your budget.

XML Sitemap

We will include XML coded Sitemap in your website and submitting it to search-engines. XML sitemap is a special file, placed on your site, which contains an index to help search-engines find their way to your pages. A visualized Site Map will also be made available allowing visitors to quickly scan the whole site for the relevant information.

Pay Per click

We can also drive you through the pay per click advertising which is a method where one can buy his way to the top of search-engines according to the budget.

Ecommerce websites

Ecommerce websites that use database driven programs such as PHP, ASP, etc require special attention because search-engines aren’t friendly with PHP and ASP. We can fix your website to become search-engine friendly. Also we can submit all your products to search-engines and define every product with keywords.

Comprehensive review of your competitors

This service is the process of making a deep research on your competitors. We will analyze there website and take in consideration the different techniques used by them. This will help your website to attain top positioning in search-engines.

Weekly/Monthly reports showing ranking progress

We will provide you with monthly reports, showing in depth analysis of your website’s traffic. We will also monitor these results to analyze our actions to repeat successful actions and improve or change those which are less successful.

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